About CYSA

Cyprus South African association is a non profit organization. Its main aim is to supply information so that expatriate’s that come to Cyprus have  information available to enable them to assimilate into Cyprus community. Another aim is for South Africans Cypriots to know about each other and to support each other.

CYPRUS SOUTH AFRICAN ASSOCIATION (CYSA) is a registered, non profit organization aimed at maintaining friendly relations and contacts between all South Africans, wherever they may be located in Cyprus.

On our CYSA website, you will find all the information you require and need for life in Cyprus – local information at your fingertips, from sources you can trust. Depend on us for support, ease of mind, latest news both in South Africa and Cyprus,  because we understand and we care.

There are many South African expats who have moved from South Africa and are now living in Cyprus, for reasons ranging from new Career opportunities, better-quality of life, security, improved education for their children, or just “gatvol”, the list is endless. However, whatever the reason for your moving to Cyprus, we at CYSA understand full well that it can be daunting, unusual, a cultural adjustment, complicated or just plain “flippen hard” initially. It doesn’t have to be like that, CYSA is here to assist!

We have many articles and features on our CYSA website and we are continually updating them, to make your life easier here in Cyprus! So keep returning, bookmark our website and watch this space for exciting events, news, updates, recipes and general information that you need, but didn’t know who to ask….


Thank you, Dankie, Ngiyabonga, Enkosi, Siyabonga kakulu, Ke a leboga, Ngiyabonga, Ndi a livhuwa, Ndzi khense ngopfu!