Television – Cyprus and Other

No need to fear that letter in your post box of TV License Renewals, Fines or that dreaded knock on your door enquiring how many Television sets you have in your home and to prove the License for them. In Cyprus, there is no TV License fees. Yes, you read that correctly, NO TV LICENCE FEES, because the public broadcasting service is financed with a tax that is included in the electricity bills from the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC).

Listen below are national Cypriot Television Stations, however some of these stations are terrestrial pay channels. To visit any of the below Television Stations websites, click  on the relevant Station logo.



State-owned station. News, talk, series, comedies, music, cultural programs.



State-owned station. Movies, comedies, music, programs geared to a younger audience.


Sigma TV

News, movies, music, comedies, talk shows, serials. Relays Mad TV from Greece.


Mega Channel

Movies, news, serials, comedies, talk shows, sports.


Antenna 1 Channel

Antenna 1 is a commercial broadcaster from Greece that provides some English-language programming.

Lumiere        Alfa_cyprus

LTV / Lumiere Television Channel

LTV / Lumiere Television is a national terrestrial pay channel, available by subscription that offers news, kids shows, soaps, movies, comedies, sports and films .



Cytavision is a service provided by CYTA (Cyprus telephone company ), where TV signals are received via a regular telephone landline, which is then converted through a set-top box (provided by CYTA) into signals that can be transmitted through both analogue and digital TV’s.

The service also includes optional VOD (video on demand).

Satellite TV

Mega Channel and Sigma TV are both nationwide commercial broadcasters offering movies, news, serials, comedies, talk shows and sports. Sigma TV offers live TV streaming from the website (best viewed with broadband) and broadcasts many locally produced programmes.


CyBC (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation)

CyBC (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation), the public broadcasting service, has two television channels. One of these, CyBC 2, provides some English programming.



Multiple platform FREE ONLINE TV (available in high definition), available anytime, anywhere. Channels include

  • Video on Demand (VOD),
  • Horrors, Feature Movies, Documentaries, Comedy, Lifestyle, Fashion, Kids movies, Music, Entertainment, Cars & Auto
  • Local TV
  • News TV
  • Sports TV
  • Canadian TV
  • Latino TV
  • Arabic TV
  • German TV
  • French TV
  • Russian TV
  • Italian TV
  • Australian TV
  • Kazakh TV
  • African TV
  • Asian TV


For a further list of satellite TV channels in Cyprus click on sat-address.